LINGO Canada is a creative language school dedicated to providing customized courses and translation services. We offer a multitude of courses & 'made-to-measure' services in a variety of languages such as ENGLISH, FRENCH, SPANISH, ITALIAN, GREEK AND MANDARIN, among others. Our dynamic and motivating teachers are carefully selected to suit each client, whether it be group or private courses, by phone or in person, in order to meet objectives determined in individual course plans. We evaluate and constantly follow-up with each and every client to aid in assuring the quality of our services and to maximize client satisfaction. Our translations aim to capture not only text content, but also the underlying messages and style.


Custom Language Classes (group & private)
Business Language Classes
Revising & Editing
Kids' Language Classes
Language Proficiency Tests for HR
Phone Language Classes
Custom Immersion Programs
Language Coaching
Language Workshops

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