Groups ?

Corporate groups (2-8 employees)
Call us to evaluate your employees for FREE !

Have us come meet your team & propose solutions that work for YOUR particular environment & employee type - we are totally flexible!

Class locations : you choose - our office or yours* !

* rates & lesson-time minimums vary per location

Build your own group !
If you do not belong to a business or organisation, you can still get custom courses for a steal!

You may form your own group (2-8 people) among acquaintances - split the costs between you for custom courses at large-group prices ! Ask us for a quote !

30-hour private session to complete a full level= $1500
Invite 3 friends to join you & split the cost = only $375 each !
PLUS: you choose the time, the location, the class length & the program is made just for you !!!!

Note : French & English courses are tax free, please add GST & PST for other languages